June 16, 2024

Know The Best 3 Methods To Convert PST To PDF File Format


Summary: Are you looking for instructions on how to convert PST to PDF format? If so, you’re at the correct blog. We will look at several PST to PDF conversion techniques in this blog. But for those wishing to Convert PST file to PDF, they are a popular option because they are very portable and simple to share and access on any platform.

The benefits of converting Outlook PST to PDF will be covered throughout this tutorial, along with several ways to convert PST files to PDF with attachments. Alternatively, you can use the Cigati PST Converter Tool, which is comprehensive enough to handle the mass conversion of your PST files, if you want a direct option.

Motives Behind PST to PDF Conversion

PST to PDF conversion offers a dependable, extensively compatible, transportable, and simple-to-share format for use on many systems and devices. The reasons why people decide to Convert PST to PDF with attachments are mentioned below:

  • Compatibility between various operating systems and software programs is ensured by the fact that PDF files can be opened on any device that has a PDF reader.
  • smaller File Sizes: Emails can be converted to PDF format, which can aid smaller files without sacrificing the content’s integrity and ease of sharing and distribution.
  • The ability to password-protect PDFs gives critical email content an additional degree of security.
  • Presentations, reports, and other official paperwork can benefit from the uniform and professional image that PDFs provide.
  • Information Migration and Backup: Converting emails to PDFs can help users organize their information in a manageable and transferable format. It can also be included in a data backup.

Methods to Convert PST to PDF 

There are various methods by which we can Convert PST to PDF with attachments. We also go into great detail about the methods:

Approach 2:  Use Adobe Acrobat to Convert PST file to PDF Format

Utilizing Adobe Acrobat, there is a methodical procedure to convert Outlook PST to PDF. 

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook on your computer first.
  • Utilizing the “Import and Export” function in Outlook, open your PST file.
  • Now, select “Open & Export” and then “Import/Export” from Outlook’s “File” menu.
  • Before selecting “Export to a file,” click “Next” in the Import and Export Wizard.
  • *.pdf is the file format, or “Adobe Portable Document Format.”
  • The emails or folders you wish to convert to PDF should be selected.
  • Click “Finish” after choosing where you wish to save the PDF file.

Approach 2:  Use Microsoft Print to Convert PST Files to PDF

Using the Microsoft Print function, you can convert PST (Outlook Data File) to PDF by following these simple steps.

  • On your computer, launch Outlook.
  • Select the email that needs to be turned into a PDF.
  • Select the “File” tab from the menu bar.
  • On the “Print” button, press.
  • Select the option “MS Print to PDF” from the drop-down menu under Printer.
  • Click the “Print Options” button to finish.
  • Enter the appropriate PDF file name in the window that displays after clicking “Print.”
  • Click “Save” after selecting the target path to save the PDF file.

You can save any document or file as a PDF using this method, which makes use of the integrated “Microsoft Print to PDF” virtual printer.

Approach 3: Professional Method to Convert PST to PDF File

In addition to these options, the PST to PDF Converter Tool is a highly recommended way to quickly Convert PST to PDF with attachments. Converting PST files to PDFs is a dependable and effective solution for users. How many PST files do you have, if any? With its intuitive UI and sophisticated functionality, the PST Converter Tool helps expedite the conversion process. EML, MSG, and more formats can be created from PST files with this tool. Moreover, Gmail, Office 365, and other email programs allow you to import PST files straight.

Now see how to utilize it to quickly and easily convert PST to PDF while including attachments.

  • The Cigati PST to PDF Converter will download, install, and launch on your screen.
  • To add PST files, select either a Single File or Multiple Files/Folders.
  • Click “Open” to continue after browsing to add your PST file.
  • Mark and examine the files you wish to convert in the Preview.
  • Choose the PDF file format from the list that drops down in the following window.
  • Select the location where the recently generated file should be saved, then click the “Convert” button to convert PST file to PDF.


To obtain a flexible and readable format for their Outlook data, users must ultimately convert PST to PDF. We’ve covered both expert and manual techniques in this tutorial, including how to speed up the converting process by using a PST to PDF converter application.