June 16, 2024

Create a Unique Corrugated Box for Your Business

Corrugated Boxes Manufacturers

Today, branding efforts are crucial to the success of any business, as the presentation of products to the market has equally significant impacts. As a custom product, a corrugated box serves as a packaging tool and significantly influences your brand’s perception and customer satisfaction. Here at Avon Packaging, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke corrugated boxes of high quality and strength to suit our valued clients’ specific industries and requirements. Our boxes are fully functional and hard-wearing, yet stylish too, so not only are your products safe and secure all the time, but they are also alluring.

Why choose custom corrugated boxes?

Enhanced brand identity

You can use conventional corrugated boxes to re-affirm your company’s image. By adding your logo and incorporating the right colour scheme, style, and design ideas, your brand creates a positive impression when customers first unbox the product. Sometimes it even helps establish brand familiarity, leading to customer loyalty.

Optimal Protection

A lot of online information mentions corrugated boxes and their strength and durability. Combining several layers during construction enhances its resistance to shock, moisture, and other adverse conditions. To prevent product damage during transportation, place a product in these containers to minimize movement.


Sustainability is becoming a significant consideration for both the consuming public and industries. We manufacture all our labelled corrugated boxing material from recyclable materials, ensuring complete recycling. Choosing environmentally friendly packaging materials minimizes the impact on the physical environment and serves as a powerful marketing tool, appealing to customers who value the social sensitivity of the products we sell.


Spending time and money on selecting complete custom corrugated boxes can prove to be more cost-effective in the long run. This also implies that when boxes are specifically manufactured to fit various products, it significantly reduces the amount of material used, thereby reducing expenses associated with shipment. Furthermore, the increased level of security they provide can help reduce costs associated with returns and exchanges due to a damaged product.

Avon Packaging’s Custom Corrugated Boxes offer several features.

Tailored Design

We provide full customization services to meet all your packaging needs and help you achieve your branding goals. We provide full customization services for your corrugated boxes to meet your packaging needs and help you achieve your branding goals. When it comes to matters concerning the size and shape of the packaging, or even the mode of printing on the packaging and the method of finishing, we always take our time with you to design a customized packaging solution to suit your needs.

High-Quality Materials

Avon Packaging manufactures all corrugated boxes from high-quality materials suitable for a variety of industries. This ensures that, apart from the necessary structural strength and solidity, the products of this company also have good looks. Security protects your products from harm, and our packaging ensures they are well-protected and attractively packaged for the market.


Our custom corrugated boxes are secure for a large range of merchandise, from gentle electronic products to strenuous industries. Our range of products meets your specific needs, such as small boxes to fit individual items or large boxes for shipment.

Applications of Custom Corrugated Boxes

E-Commerce Packaging

Indeed, brand awareness is especially critical in the e-commerce industry because customers make their initial impressions based on the websites they visit. PrintVium’s corrugated packaging gives its clients a golden chance of having an excellent unboxing, which may in turn make customers feel like buying the product over and over again. The primary objective is to protect the product during transit and simultaneously create a stylish impression upon delivery to the customer’s home.

Retail Packaging

Beautiful packaging, in the context of communicating with consumers in the general retail sector, will presumably make the product seem worth more. It is also a great packaging option for corrugated box manufacturers because it gives your products a touch of protection and eye appeal. Here, you have the flexibility of getting high-quality prints to enable the branding process, which will assist you in highlighting all of the item’s details.

Subscription Boxes

Speaking of the subscription box, it is significant to note that packaging is one of the crucial pillars that will generate interest in the target market. You can personalize the corrugated boxes we offer for your subscription service by incorporating color schemes, logos, or any special design for the next delivery.

Industrial and commercial use

Due to their customizable design, they can also serve industrial and commercial applications. They generally accommodate a wide range of sizes and weights for storage or transportation, providing sufficient protection for such merchandise. They guarantee the safety of items like equipment and parts that require delicate handling during shipping.

Why Avon Packaging?

Expertise and experience

Avon Packaging is one of the leading companies that offer corrugated boxes. Over the years, the company has accumulated enough knowledge about packaging to become one of the most reliable sources of quality corrugated boxes. Through professionalism, we can devise unique services that suit a client’s current needs.

Sustainable Practices

We are aware of our responsibilities to society and the environment, and as a result, we are environmentally sensitive. We focus some of our manufacturing techniques on material reuse and environmental health to provide you with affordable, high-quality, and environmentally friendly packaging products.

Customer-Centric Approach

This is to inform Avon Packaging Limited’s valued customers that, in our organization, the customer is always right. At Maktek, we take great pride in personally answering your calls and overseeing your project from the initial call to the delivery of the packaging.

Success Stories

Case Study: Online Retailer

During the course of implementing the changes praised above, an online retailer decided to collaborate with Avon Packaging in order to advance their packaging. By switching from other corrugated boxes, our clients were able to not only improve their image with custom packaging but also decrease product deterioration during transportation. This change increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in returns.

Case Study: Food and Beverage Company

A food and beverage company had to look for containers that would be more robust and appealing for the luxurious products in their line. These corrugated boxes became perfect to order, as our custom packaging is always affordable, durable, and eye-catching. This made it easier for the company to promote their brand, and affiliate contractual marketing seeks to improve the perception that customers have about the product.

How to Start Your Own Business with Avon Packaging


Consult a packaging expert first to fully understand the client’s needs. Customer satisfaction and needs are our priority, and we will address these needs and more by advising on the ideal custom corrugated boxes.

Designing and prototyping

As for the design stage, our specialists will develop the actual prototypes according to your requirements. This provides you with an opportunity or an insight into the design before moving forward with actual production, and I am confident that the final product will meet your expectations.

Manufacturing and delivery

Our modern technology will assemble your custom corrugated boxes once you approve our proposal. This implies that we can fulfil your packaging requirements within the desired timeframe.

Ongoing Support

We uphold our commitment to customer satisfaction even beyond the completion of delivery. If patrons require additional support in the future or if changes are required to existing services, consultation is always available.


It makes a lot of reputable sense to select custom corrugated boxes from Avon Packaging as the best investment for your brand. The flexible packaging solutions we offer do more than provide barriers and shields for your products; they help improve the identifiable elements of your package and the overall perception of the brand. Visit us today to find out how our product, corrugated boxes, can promote your business.