June 6, 2024

A Guide For Converting Outlook Emails into PDF Documents


Summary: A popular email client program for managing emails and other data is Microsoft Outlook. Because PDF files can be used for official, personal, and legal purposes, many users are interested in converting Outlook message files to PDF without sacrificing formatting. Thus, the main topic of this article is how to export Outlook PST files to PDF files. Additionally, we will use two different approaches to convert PST files into PDF files: an automatic method and a manual one.

Why is exporting PST files to PDF format necessary?

One MS Outlook email message and its attachments are stored in a PST file. Therefore, the ideal way for users to open their PST files when they don’t have Outlook is to save their Outlook PST emails in PDF format. since PDFs are accessible on all systems, are portable, and require a password to open. It is also the greatest platform for sharing presentations, papers, both official and personal, and much more. The PDF files are easily opened without the need for any additional software and can be shared with others. Images, hyperlinks, and other data can all be stored in the same manner within a PDF file.

Manually transform PST documents into PDF format.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook and choose the PST file you wish to convert to PDF.
  • Select the Save As option after selecting the File tab.
  • Next, choose the.html file format to save the PST file.
  • Click the Save button at this point.
  • Open the HTML file in Microsoft Word next, and then save it as a PDF.
  • You can now see your PST file in PDF format.

Constraints with the Manual Approach

Users can convert PST files manually; however, bulk conversion is not possible. This technique can only convert PST files to PDF format and is only functional if you have a small number of PST files. It requires the installation of Microsoft Outlook. Non-technical users should avoid using this procedure, as it requires exporting knowledge and cannot be used to convert PST files. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that your data will be lost or stored incorrectly in PDF format.

Automated Method to Export Outlook Messages to PDF

The ideal option for this work is the FixVare PST to PDF Converter, which enables secure and speedy PST to PDF conversion. With complete accuracy, this program exports Outlook emails to PDF. Users can export Outlook PST files to PDF files with attachments using this program. Being a standalone program, it offers a distinct capability to import PST files to PDF without requiring Outlook installations.

IT professionals always recommend using the PST to PDF Converter program to import several PST files at once into PDF format. With its many sophisticated capabilities, this utility simplifies all conversion chores for users, allowing them to export a large quantity of PST files. You can be sure that your information is stored in an accurate format in a PDF file.

The PST to PDF Converter Tool’s Simple Steps

  • On your PC, download and launch the PST to PDF converter program.
  • Select the PST folder or PST files to be migrated next.
  • After that, every PST file is shown in an orderly fashion. There is a checkbox to allow you to pick or deselect your files.
  • Next, choose the PDF saving option, followed by the file naming options, advanced filter option, and advanced PDF option (based on your requirements) for converting PST files.
  • When you click the Convert button now, the migration begins and concludes with the notification “Process Completed Successfully.”
  • Press the OK button to complete the procedure after that.

Final Remarks

You can learn how to import PST files into PDF files with the same layout and attachments by reading the blog. Both the expert (PST Converter) and manual methods for converting PST emails to PDF have been made clear. I recommend that people attempt converting PST files using an automated method. You can effortlessly import Outlook emails to PDF format in batch mode with the help of this program. You can download the PST Converter utility, which converts the first few PST files for free, to learn more about the procedure.

Author Name: Kim Namjoon

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