July 15, 2024

Strategic Method to Export the WLM EML File or Folder to MS Outlook


Summary/Overview: Let’s talk about how to export EML to Outlook in today’s blog. Professional customers are having trouble with this problem because they are tired of the laborious manual process of importing EML files into PST files, especially when there is a large amount of data.

Which PST and EML file formats are there? What is their main distinction from one another?

A file with the.eml extension is an email. It has the body of the message, the time and date, links, attachments, and more. eM Client, Dream Mail, Apple Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and other email clients are among those that can create and support EML files. Additionally, it includes a single email file. PST, on the other hand, is a type of data collection that is saved in its entirety to a full mailbox in MS Outlook. It is produced by the Outlook email client and is compatible with it. Email, contacts, tasks, calendars, events, and appointments are some of its components. Since PST is substantially larger than EML, it is evident that it includes more items than EML does.

Software Solution

One tool that can effectively answer your questions about exporting EML files to Outlook PST files is the Mailvita EML to PST Converter for Mac. With this professional software, users can export WLM EML files or folders to MS Outlook. For example, it is a complete program that allows users to easily choose an infinite number of files, one at a time, and convert them all at once to PST. Additionally, it is simple to convert the entire EML folder’s format to PST in a single step.

Easy Steps to Take to Address How to Export an EML File to a PST Outlook File

  • Install the Mailvita EML to PST Converter in the desired system.
  • The relevant files and directories should then be added.
  • Now, clicking on any file will provide a preview of it.
  • Go to the Export menu and select PST output.
  • Now add the relevant filter, select the saving path, and press the “Convert” button.

ยท       Adding PST emails to Microsoft Outlook is simple for the user.

Advantages of the EML to PST Converter Software for Mac

  • Users won’t lose any data when transferring an infinite number of EML files to PST format in one go.
  • Any big EML file can be converted with ease with the EML to PST Tool.
  • It is possible to select EML files from any email application that supports this format without having to install any special software.
  • Checkboxes and filter settings are additional features that the program offers for selective migration.
  • Users can select the output’s location based on their preferred tier.
  • This software makes converting EML to PST easy, and anybody can use it regardless of technical experience.
  • The software can work with all Windows and Mac OS versions, whether new or old.
  • Both professional and non-professional users can also make use of this software to convert EML emails with attachments to Outlook PST format.

Last Words, by Author Pen

Considering that the question of how to export EML to Outlook has been answered, users can install this program. I should mention that the EML to PST Converter works with both Mac and Windows operating systems. It also provides a quick, cost-free trial option for migrating a few EML files to PST format. The user can export a Windows Live Mail EML file or folder to MS Outlook without any hurdles. Choose the best option to convert EML files to PST.