May 29, 2024

How to Convert Zimbra to PST?


Summary: If you have Zimbra files and want to convert them into Outlook PST then, this guide is helpful for you. There are many reasons to users may need to convert Zimbra to PST format. This could be for migrating to different email clients, archiving purposes, or backup and data management. In this guide, we will explore the step-by-step process of converting Zimbra to PST.

Advantages of PST Files Over Zimbra  

Exporting Zimbra to PST Offers several reasons and benefits. Here are some common reasons;

  • PST( Personal Table Storage) files are commonly supported by different email clients, allowing for easy navigation into the new platform.
  • And, exporting Zimbra data to PST provides an efficient way to create backups and archives of important emails, contacts, and calendar items.
  • These files used in Microsoft Outlook, offer offline access to emails, which can be useful for people who need to access their emails without an internet connection.
  • After that, exporting Zimbra data to PST allows users to consolidate their email data from multiple accounts or sources into a single file. This simplifies data management, making it easier to search for specific emails or information.
  • It can also be easily backed up and restored, making it a good option for organizations that need to maintain their email data.
  • Outlook’s user interface and management tool are often considered more intuitive and comprehensive, especially for professional users.

Overall, exporting Zimbra files to PST offers workability, convenience, and enhanced data management capabilities, making it a valuable process for individuals and professionals alike. Now, we can convert Zimbra to PST. There are two main methods for converting Zimbra TGZ to PST format. Firstly we will operate the Manual method after the professional method. Follow them accordingly.

Method 1:How do I import TGZ into Outlook? using Manual Method

Step: How to Export Zimbra Mailbox to Outlook PST? Using Zimbra Desktop 

  • Start the Zimbra Desktop.
  • Choose the desired mailbox items you want to export.
  •  Select Export from the context menu.
  • After that, select the export format as Outlook PST
  • Save the resultant PST files.

Drawbacks of Performing Manual Method

  • Manually converting Zimbra to PST can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially for users with limited technical experience.
  • This method, increases the risk of data loss or corruption, particularly if the process is not executed correctly.
  • Moreover, this process often lacks advanced features like batch conversion, selective data migration, elimination of duplicate emails, and more.
  • Maintaining the manual conversion process requires ongoing effort and attention to ensure data integrity and accuracy.

Overall, while manual conversion of Zimbra to PST may seem cost-effective, it comes with these drawbacks. Using dedicated professional tool can mitigate these disadvantages and ensure a smoother and more reliable conversion process.

Method 2:  How to Convert TGZ to PST with a Professional Tool

As you can see the manual method has several disadvantages, so we would recommend you to try the DRS Zimbra Converter for converting Zimbra TGZ to PST hassle-free. Using this tool users can convert Zimbra files to multiple file formats. Moreover, this tool allows you to bulk conversion of the Zimbra files in just a few steps. Additionally, it has a simple and smooth interface that makes it very easy to navigate for both technical and non-technical users. Follow these steps to operate this method:

Steps to Convert Zimbra to PST

  • Download and run the DRS Zimbra Converter.
  • Now, open the tool click on the Add File option, and choose TGZ files.
  • Select the Convert Option and choose PST as the resultant file.
  • After that, click on the Browse button and choose the desired saving location.
  • Now your PST file is ready.

Other Helpful Features of This Tool

  • Users can selectively choose specific Zimbra mailbox folders for conversion.
  • This tool provides a preview feature that allows users to preview the contents of the Zimbra mailbox before conversion.
  • Moreover, this tool ensures the integrity of data during the conversion process.
  • Apart from PST, the Zimbra Migration Tool supports various output formats like EML, MSG, PDF, HTML, and more.
  • The converter maintains the original folder hierarchy of the Zimbra mailbox.


In this expert guide, we discussed How to Convert Zimbra to PST with manual and professional methods. It depends on what is suitable for you either the manual or professional method.