June 16, 2024

User-Friendly Steps to Combine EML Emails in All MS Outlook Editions


Summary/Overview: EML files, a broadly used format, offer flexibility and ease of access. Opening them with an easy text editor or net browser is convenient for customers. Yet, when the desire arises to import EML files into Outlook or different e-mail applications, a conversion to PST becomes important.

In this discussion, we will discover efficient strategies to transform EML into PST. Whether you are a novice or a professional trying to export EML documents, this manual provides treasured insights.

Tactics for Importing EML to Outlook

Choosing between manual methods and dedicated software depends on your preferences. Both approaches are effective, but manual methods demand technical expertise. On the other hand, third-party converters streamline the process, making it simpler and safer, especially for large mailboxes.

Effective Ways to Convert EML to PST

Way 1: Use Windows Live Mail to import EML files into Outlook.

  • Launch Windows Live Mail and MS Outlook.
  • In Windows Live Mail, navigate to the File tab.
  • Click Export and choose Email Messages.
  • Select Microsoft Exchange and proceed with the steps.
  • Choose the mail folder for export.
  • Click OK and End to complete the process.

Note: Manual methods are quick but can risk data loss. Ensure a backup before attempting these techniques. Try the software solution to simply combine EML files into MS Outlook.

Method 2: Import EML to Outlook with the Drag and Drop Method

  • Launch MS Outlook.
  • Select EML files and drag them into Outlook.
  • Note: Manual methods are useful but carry a risk of data loss. Always prepare a backup before proceeding.

Method 3: Merge Multiple EML Emails into PST with DataVare EML to PST Converter

For a more secure conversion, the DataVare EML to PST Converter tool is recommended. The advanced software can simply export single & multiple EML files into PST file format. There are no chances of data loss when the conversion process begins. Both professional and non-professional users can also use this tool to convert EML files to the PST file format without losing a single file. Try the free demo version of this software before buying the complete version.

Steps to follow to combine many EML files into MS Outlook

  • Download and install the DataVare EML to PST Converter.
  • Launch the application, browse the EML files, and click OK.
  • Preview emails and choose the Outlook data file (PST) as the export option.
  • Select the export file location.
  • Click Export to initiate EML to PST conversion.

This tool ensures a reliable conversion process, and the resultant PST file can be accessed in various versions of MS Outlook.

Frequently Asked Questions by User,

Q1. How do I import EML to Outlook for free?

Explore the mentioned manual methods for a free import. For a safer alternative, try the free version of DataVare EML to PST Converter Expert, which allows you to save up to a few items per folder.

Q2. Can I convert EML to PST online?

Online converters are available but cannot be efficient for large mailboxes. For a quicker and more reliable solution, consider using the EML to PST converter.

Q3. What is the best EML-to-Outlook converter?

The EML to Outlook Converter software stands out as one of the best tools. Its algorithms ensure a trustworthy and secure conversion process.

Q4. Can I import EML to Outlook 2019?

Certainly, with the assistance of the EML to PST Converter, you can seamlessly import EML to Outlook 2019 and other versions.