June 16, 2024

Import PST to Office 365


Currently, it is common for users to import PST into Office 365 due to its advanced security features. Users need help performing this migration task manually. Therefore, we inform the users that this task can be straightforwardly performed with a professional third-party tool. Professionally, it will become easy for the users to run the task as it takes less time and gives a seamless and immediate result. Most of the users desire to move their data from PST to Office 365; consequently, we will share the perfect solution for them.

Purpose for the PST to Office 365 migration task

If users are keen to import PST to Office 365, they should first know its purpose. Organizations require a solution to protect their data and simplify the workflow. Thus, every user has different reasons for this migration task, and here we share a few of them.

  • Office 365 is a widely accessible platform that users can run anytime and through any device. The working culture has become so vast these days that users communicate with their clients or employees from different places. Sharing the data has become easy with Office 365, and users can change it.
  • It is very easy to set up Office 365, as users can immediately install the tool after the set-up process is completed.
  • Office 365 protects users’ data from any loss, as users can trust this platform because it has an amazing security feature.
  • One of the prime reasons for users to go with Office 365 is its subscription plan. To extend mailbox storage, users can purchase this plan.

How can one import PST to Office 365?

Two methods exist to begin migration: the manual approach and the professional third-party tool. These two methods are easily accessible for users to opt for as per their preference. The manual method makes it difficult for users to begin the task, as it takes ample time to finish it. Users have to look for technical experts who have vast technical knowledge, as they will be able to run the task manually.

Moreover, users are asked to go with the professional third-party tool if they want immediate results for their task. Professionally, the task will become easier for the users, as it will take less time to accomplish the task. Now, users are supposed to rely on a trustworthy tool that guarantees the security of their data. Most users face data loss when they opt for the online tool, but this is to inform users that few online tools offer free service. In the following paragraph, we will share the picture-perfect utility of the task.

Which is the picture-perfect tool for the task?

The Shoviv PST to Office 365 migration tool is a top-notch utility for this task, as it will complete the whole task without misplacing any data. Users can rely on this tool to import PST to Office 365.

If users want to know the tool’s benefits, they can go through the below-cited features.

  • The tool will smoothly migrate the data from PST to Office 365 without any bugs.
  • It can repair corrupted and inaccessible PST files for various targets.
  • The software migrates the large PST file to Office 365 in a single go, without any size restriction.
  • It supports every version of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Users can preview the data before the final migration process with the help of the preview option.
  • It will maintain the folder hierarchy and data originality.
  • The tool prevents the duplication of the data while performing the migration task.
  • Its friendly interface makes the whole procedure very easy-going.
  • The software can also export the PST file to Live Exchange.
  • Lastly, users can see every step in detail, as it will prepare a live report of the entire task.


The complete information regarding importing PST to Office 365 is provided to all users in the above blog. Users who wish to begin with the task can review its detailed information. The shared tool will guide the users throughout the task and help them finish it without wasting too much time. Users can also download the trial version of the tool, which is free. Users can explore the features of the tool in detail.