June 8, 2024

Removing Asbestos Garage Roofs Health & Safety Guide

Garage Roof Removal

Possibly the garage in your home or the home you plan to purchase contains asbestos. If so, you will be okay as long as the shed or garage in issue has a roof and/or walls that are in good shape and are enclosed internally. Any damage to the asbestos will cause the fibers to be expelle, increasing the asbestos’s ability to spread. Also, if the interior of the roof is not painted, it will start to deteriorate and release fibers into the region, especially after bumps or abrasions. A asbestos garage roof that is dilapidated or has a poor aesthetic should be remove. For a quote, you can get in touch with experts in this regard.

What do we provide

To prevent the release of dangerous dust, we carefully remove asbestos roofs and cladding from garages with no breakages on site. Then, garage roofs can be update with steel sheets that have been plastic coated and coordinating flashings in a range of colours. The concrete steel frames of the garage can be fixed with new steel sheets.

We can install mineral capsheets to replace asbestos garage roof replacement of ply decking and three layers of high-performance felt. Using plastic PVCu downpipes, gutters, and downpipes can be replace.

For all of these systems, we are certified and authorized installers. All rubbish will be remove from your property by our dependable and knowledgeable team so that it may be safely dispose of without endangering you or your family.

Your old roof can be take off and a new roof made of a variety of materials can be install by us. Our team is professionally skille such as roofers and joiners who can install a new roof made of felt and baton, roof tiles, cement sheet, or aluminum. The same goes for replacing your complete shed or garage with a new flat pack choice. The best choice is to speak with our member of the team who is already on location so they can assess your needs and go over a range of options with you.

How much it will cost?

For a precise price so that a member of our staff may visit the site and negotiate appropriately, you might need to contact us. You can ask the operator any questions you may have about the removal procedure in this way.

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