July 20, 2024

An Informative Solution to Export EML Emails with Attachments to PST


Summary/Intro: Are you trying to find a trustworthy way to convert EML files into PST files? Are you fed up with attempting manual techniques that never seem to work and wind up costing you precious time? If so, you can put an end to your concerns. I’ll explain the best method for converting EML files to PST on Mac and Windows OS in this article.

EML is a widely used file format for storing individual emails. Numerous Windows and Mac OS email programs can handle EML files. Keep checking back if you wish to convert EML to PST and you have a lot of EML files on your Mac machine.

Learn about Mailvita’s reliable and secure EML Converter, which enables you to complete the conversion with ease. We’ll go over a few of this EML to PST converter’s capabilities first, though. You can find a step-by-step tutorial for Mac applications on this page. However, the EML to PST Converter for Windows is also available for download.

Benefits of the EML to PST Converter for Mac & Windows

Simple Mac program installation and downloading equipment assistance Several EML files for PST conversion With this EML to PST Converter, you can export EML files or whole folders with ease.

  • Convert every mail program. Use this EML converter for EML files.
  • Import all of the data from EML into PST on a Mac OS computer.
  • Compatible with all Mac OS versions is the EML to PST Converter.
  • The EML to PST Converter can be downloaded.
  • The EML Converter Software’s free demo can be downloaded by simply clicking the download button. Once installed, launch it on a Mac OS-equipped PC and explore all of its features without cost.

How to Use Automated Software to Convert EML to PST?

Mailvita EML to PST Converter is your best choice if you want to convert your EML files into PST format on a Mac OS-compatible device. On all the most recent Mac OS systems, you can use it to convert EML files to PST files without worrying about data loss or alteration.

Any number of EML files or folders containing EML files can be inserted at once because there is no file size restriction. The following is how to use this application:

  • First, install EML to PST Converter correctly on your Mac by downloading it, launching it, and using it. After installation, launch the software.
  • Click the Add File button when the application launches, then go to the folder containing the EML files that need to be converted. Click the Add Folder button if you have a folder containing EML files. You can export data in bulk by using the add folder option. Both the.eml and EMLX files can be simultaneously viewed here.
  • Here, find the location of the.eml file on your Mac, navigate there, and open the program.
  • To convert the EML to PST on Mac, select the PST radio option on the resulting page. Any of the options on the list is also an option. Click on the Advanced Settings option after that.
  • To save the EML files from several folders in a single PST file, users can alternatively use the “Create Single PST” option.

Extra Steps:

  • To set the destination folder for the resulting PST files, browse to any desired Mac folder. The best approach is to create a new folder.
  • Transform EML into PST Press the export button to begin the migration process. You will be able to see the folder name, mail count, fail count, and total file size, in addition to the current state of the EML file conversion on Mac.
  • The application will alert users with a pop-up notification once the transfer is finished. The finished report can then be seen by users by selecting the View Report button.

Users will thus find it easy to utilize this tool to convert EML files to PST. The PST file can then be imported into either MS Outlook or Outlook for Mac.

Last Remarks

Due to a dearth of trustworthy techniques, people encounter several difficulties while attempting to convert EML to PST on Mac. However, the utilities listed above can resolve your problems. This program is effective and easy to use; it convert numerous EML files to PST format.

FAQ for EML to PST Conversion Users

Can I convert EML to PST on a Mac machine and then use the PST file in Outlook 2016?

Indeed, the UNICODE PST file is created by the Mac EML to PST Converter. It can therefore be imported into any version of Outlook.

Does Windows 10 support the EML to PST Converter for Mac?

No, you need to download the EML to PST converter for Windows to use it on a Windows OS.