May 28, 2024

The Reverse Descend – Harihar Fort Trek

Harish Fort


Harihar Fort often referred to as Harish Fort, is located in the Trimbakeshwar Ranges, at an elevation that is 3676 feet higher than sea level. The fortress is rectangular when viewed from the village’s base. It is located on a triangular massif, with the three sides being vertical.

The Fort’s entrance is via a 200-foot tall staircase that has an angle of 80 degrees built through the rock.

How to arrive:

We signed in with Trek Mates India along with seven other friends from Gujarat for this single-day trek. All participants (33 of us) reached the meeting place in Dadar, Mumbai, from which we took an overnight bus at around midnight and arrived at the village’s base at 6:15 am. Via

Kasara or Nasik:

You can get to Igatpuri by Kasara and Nasik. You can take the bus to Igatpuri towards Trimbakeshwar and stop at Nirgudpada, the village of the stronghold of Harihar.
Via Igatpuri -> Trimbakeshwar -> Khodala :
In the vicinity of Nirgpada is the village of Kasauli. It is accessible by bus ride from Igatpuri to Trimbakeshwar and then Khandala.

The best time to go:

The Monsoon season is the best because of the stunning scenery However, you must be cautious while climbing the ladder. Time and Scale:

In just one day, the hike can be completed in one day. The hike can take approximately 3 hours per way to reach the top and then return to the village.

A hill that appears to be difficult is classified as moderate hiking.


The hike to the hill below is easy however the ascent and descent could be difficult. It is suggested to reverse the descent since the stairs are steep. The ladder comes with grooves to grip which makes it extremely convenient in both directions. Breakfast was served in the Base Village around 7-7:30 am. After an introduction, we began our journey from the village and quickly reached a spot that has a small kund as well as an excellent resting spot and which is the Shiva temple. The point at the top is the most thrilling part of walking. There are more than 100 ladders in the area but only one person is allowed to climb on them at any one time, but there is room for others who are coming down.

You can climb the ladder to reach an outcrop that is rocky and offers great views of the mountains. The summit was reached and we received a complimentary pedicure for fish. We looked for shade beneath the trees to have lunch at our location. Gujugang was a great place to eat and chutneys made more memories. After lunch, we went to the summit, descending the small valley of flowers before reaching the small summit of sandstone.


This trek is not recommended for people who have never hiked before particularly those who are afraid of heights.

The trek passes through villages There are no food or water sources until you begin climbing the hill. There, villagers sell biscuits. If there is a shortage of water the water must be sourced by a stream that flows.

The top is tiny. It is only a handful of people who are allowed to sit there. Indulge yourself in his 360-degree panorama of the Trimbakeshwar region of Sahyadri. Get stunning views of the most famous forts and mountains submerged in beautiful greenery. Bhaskargad also known as Basgad, Anjaneri Fort, Brahmagiri, Utwad Fort, and Phani Dongar Hill are needle-like structures. Many other forts are in the vicinity. It was fun to identify the forts as well as peaks in the group. After having spent an hour at the summit, the climber can begin the descent. This is the same way I took to climbing. Be aware when you climb the famous staircase. Three-point contact is a method of security that requires the hands of both legs and both. This is a video explanation of security using three points.

The best time to go on trekking in the Halihal Fort

The ideal time to go on trekking the Fort Halihal runs between June and February. During this period you will get breathtaking views of Harihar Fort. Harihar Fort.

Monsoon is the most ideal time to enjoy lush Sayadoris. Every field in villages and along paths will be filled with lush green grass.

In the post-monsoon period, the forts and peaks are seen from above. At this time it is possible to enjoy good conditions.

When is the perfect moment to start your trek toward Harihar Fort?

The best moment to explore Harihar Fort is to start at the base of the hill before the time when the sun begins to set. You should reach the top before noon, so you can descend to eat lunch at a later time.
The hike takes 2.5 hours to get to the top, as well as 1.5 hours to down. Return to the trailhead by 3 pm.
If you depend on public transportation to return home a few buses are going to Nashik as well as Trimbak after 3 pm. The most essential items necessary to carry on the trek include an identification card and a first aid kit water (at least 2 liters) snack foods high in calories, sheets of plastic to protect electronic devices in monsoons, and numerous other items.