May 28, 2024

Unlocking the Solution of Splitting VCF Files: A User-Friendly Approach


In this digital age, our contact lists have grown exponentially, thanks to our continuously increasing community. This approach means that our VCF (Virtual Contact File) documents can grow to be unwieldy, making it hard to govern and per cent our contacts. This is where splitting VCF files into a couple of files is to be done. In this blog post, we are going to talk approximately why you may need to break your VCF files, and we’re capable of introducing a client-great option to make this device short and inexperienced.

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Why Do We Need to Split Contacts VCF File into Multiple VCF Files?

A single VCF document might also incorporate masses or possibly lots of contacts, making it tough to navigate, edit, or share specific contacts. Splitting VCF documents into multiple smaller files is needed to give your contacts greater capacity and be better prepared.

Manual Solution to Split Contacts VCF File into Multiple VCF Files

The manual approach includes putting in place a VCF document and growing a brand new VCF document for each contact. This approach is time-consuming, tedious, and at risk of mistakes. It’s no longer a practical solution, particularly when you have a large contact listing.

Splitting VCF Files Software – A Reliable Solution

The application to split a VCF file into several contacts is called the DataVare vCard Split Application. The application allows users to selectively reveal the necessary contact details from all VCF file versions produced by various systems. All of the contact details can be kept up to date by the tool during the entire process. Moreover, it may combine several VCF files. Additionally, the program offers a preview of every contact in a VCF file in both horizontal and vertical view modes.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Splitting vCard File Format

Splitting VCF Files software offers a straightforward approach:

  • Download and install the software on your computer.
  • Now, select the VCF file you want to split.
  • Select the splitting criteria.
  • Click the “Split” button, and the software will quickly divide your VCF file into multiple smaller files.
  • Choose the location where you want to save the split VCF files.
  • Complete the process.

Incredible Features of the VCF Splitter Tool:

  • Divide Multiple VCF Files into Individual Files: The software may additionally easily divide a whole vCard file into a single report.
  • Divide the Necessary Contact File: The software can generate a single VCF report and divide a positive vCard file format into numerous contacts.
  • Keep contact information Up to Date: This perfect tool allows users to keep track of and preview all touch records, together with name, phone number, address, images, email deal address, and other info.


Using third-party software, we’ve presented a safe and stable approach inside the blog put up above for splitting many VCF files into multiple contacts. However, even though there are masses of guide methods online, they may be difficult to apply, and customers may additionally run into issues like record erasure. If you have a whole lot of vCard files to procedure on a day-by-day basis, we propose you apply a prepared method.