April 18, 2024

Problem-Free Solution to View, Read & Access MBOX Files in Thunderbird


Summary: This post will describe how to see Thunderbird email without using the application and how to read all of your mail in Thunderbird. One email software that works on Linux, Windows, computers is called Thunderbird. Mozilla created this open-source, free email client.

The fact that Thunderbird has add-ons that let users manage Google Calendar, sync data to a cloud account, import and export data, and do a lot more is one of its strongest features. Users can get them using the software’s settings or by visiting addons.thunderbird.net.

Guidelines for Reading Every Email in Thunderbird

We utilize the Import/Exports Tools NG add-on to see Thunderbird mails. There’s no easy way to access your mail directly. As a result, we import the emails, download the add-in, and see them first.

  • Go to the Thunderbird program if you haven’t already downloaded the add-on.
  • Select the Tools option by clicking on the menu item. Go to the Extension tab.
  • After selecting Addon, select Import/Export Tools NG. Get the add-on by downloading.
  • We now read the MBOX file by opening it. Select the Tools menu item.
  • Click the Import option after selecting the add-on that you downloaded.
  • Select the Import Mailbox file, then select Import directly, then press the Enter key.

You can use it to view all of your Thunderbird emails to MS Outlook. We have now covered how to access your Thunderbird data. Nevertheless, you can use this method to view Thunderbird emails without installing the application.

How to View Emails from Thunderbird?

As we’ve already said, Thunderbird utilizes an MBOX file, which is compatible with Apple Mail and other applications. Mac apps make use of Apple Mail. Thus, you can utilize this strategy if your Windows system has Thunderbird files. However, software can assist you in reading all of your Thunderbird mail into Windows. Thus, we offer two distinct ways for users of Windows to view the file.

  • Open Apple Mail and view your MBOX files.
  • With the use of software, view the file.
  • Use Apple Mail to view MBOX files.
  • This approach is free to use and compatible with Windows OS. You can import the files directly if your computer is running Thunderbird Mail.
  • Select the File option after launching the Apple Mail application.
  • Click on MBOX format after selecting Import Mailboxes.
  • Once you’ve done that, click Import to open the file content.

Use Software to View, Read all Emails in Thunderbird

This approach is intended for Windows users. We utilize software so you can read the files directly and without any issues if you wish to see Thunderbird Emails on Windows. Although there are other programs available, we utilize the GainTools Free MBOX File Viewer Tool in this case.

With its ability to examine both regular and infected MBOX files from any email application, this tool is the finest available. Pro and Pro Plus, the software’s two edition products, let you export the file as a PDF and print it. It also provides a number of features.

In Summary

This post gave you instructions on how to see Thunderbird Mail and Windows OS, as well as how to read all of your mail in Thunderbird. In addition, we covered the rationale behind why users must read the files without first opening them in Thunderbird.