April 20, 2024

How to Break a PDF into Individual Pages


In summary, if you receive a multi-page PDF file from someone and it won’t open properly on your device, you may run into issues and begin looking for a way to separate the files into separate pages. Move your cursor to here spot and take your time reading this blog. We’ll share some useful methods with you in this post so you may quickly and easily solve how to break a PDF into individual pages.


Globally, PDF is the most used and safest file type. The Portable Document Format’s (.pdf) notable qualities have led many users to prefer PDF files over other file types. It can contain text, audio files, links, photos, and more. A PDF document may contain multiple pages, but when the viewer tries to view it, it begins to display problems, such as broken links, improperly displaying graphics, and some text that is not visible between the pages. Hence, the only way to solve these issues is to divide the PDF file into individual pages, which will enable you to read the file through individual pages with ease.

Previous to delving into the techniques for dividing.pdf files into individual pages, let us examine the reasons why users must accomplish this activity.

Benefits of Creating Single Pages from a PDF File Split

Some of the advantages that satisfy the user’s demand to divide their PDF files into individual pages are listed below.

  • A single-page document that contains the information is easy to view.
  • Your limited storage space will be needed to store it.
  • Even with a poor internet connection, it is still possible to transfer single-page PDF files rapidly.
  • By splitting PDF files into single pages, you may eliminate extra pages from multi-page PDF files.

Manual Process for Dividing a PDF into Individual Pages

With the aid of the Chrome Web Browser, you can divide your PDF file into several pages using this method. Use the steps listed below to split a PDF file.

  • Select a multi-page PDF file and perform a right-click on it.
  • Next, choose Chrome by clicking on Open With.
  • Then get the Print option in the browser.
  • Choose Save as PDF from the drop-down options here.
  • Select the Custom option under the Pages tab and enter the desired number of pages on a single page.
  • When you finally click the Save button, a single-page PDF file will be downloaded.

To split a PDF file into individual pages, follow the preceding instructions. However, you can practice; the processes are long and intricate, and you must follow them exactly. Occasionally, following a.pdf split, the content of the PDF file is also absent. Therefore, to split your PDF into individual pages without any restrictions, use a professional program.

A Trustworthy Method for Dividing a PDF into Single Pages

One of the best tools for efficiently splitting PDF files into individual pages is CubexSoft PDF Split Tool. The original formatting of the PDF file is preserved when it splits the document into individual pages. Along with these numerous benefits, the application also has the ability to password-protect the newly formed document and edit the file details of newly split PDFs, so meeting all of your PDF needs.

Also, learn how to split a PDF into several pages using software by following these instructions.

In summary

You can see that we answered your question on how to break a PDF into individual pages in this blog post. You may do this manually, which we accomplished with the aid of Chrome. You can choose to use an automatic program that quickly separates your large-sized PDFs into a single document format because the manual method has some drawbacks.