April 18, 2024

How to Split PST Files – Step By Step Guide


Splitting the Outlook PST file has become mandatory for every user. All those who store their personal or professional data in PST files are afraid of losing such vital data from their PST file. Therefore, users are willing to split PST files into smaller parts and create more PST files. The oversized PST file can harm users’ data, and perhaps later on, users will not be able to access their data completely. There might be a high chance of data corruption, so users are asked to proceed quickly with this process to overcome that situation.

Most small, medium, and large enterprises use Outlook to store their crucial data. The organization saves data on a daily basis, so they must manage their file or data properly. To commence this splitting process, one should trust the process and choose the correct method for the task. It is a challenging task for users to split PST file into smaller parts, but in the following blog, we will introduce an amazing tool to the users so that they can begin the task easily without any issues.

What are the advantages of splitting PST FILES?

Having an oversized PST file is common these days, and most users face this issue either for personal work or in a professional space. Users keep storing their data in a PST file and need to recognize the size of the Outlook PST file, which creates an issue for them in the future. Users can go through the below-cited advantage for splitting the PST file. This Outlook PST files is a top most utility and all the technical and non-technical users will be able to run the task. Users have to be very carefully while choosing their tool as there are some free tools available that provide free service, which can harm users data.

  • Splitting the Outlook PST files will improve Outlook’s performance; the oversized PST files make it difficult for users to access their emails or any other data.
  • It is easier for users to back up smaller PST files than large Outlook PST files. With small PST files, users will have less chance of data loss.
  • Everyone knows that large-PST files are prone to corruption, and users will not be able to access their after that data. Therefore, users must split PST file into smaller parts without any delay.
  • The small PST file is easy to share; users can quickly transfer their small PST files from one system to another.
  • The organizations store their emails and other data in Outlook PST. Thus, letting the Outlook PST files help the users organize their emails.

What are the ways to split PST FILES?

There are two ways to commence this splitting process: the manual method and the professional third-party tool. Users can choose their preferred method for the task. The manual method is an old-school way of commencing the task that takes ample time to finish the whole task. Therefore, users use the professional tool to split PST file Outlook as it provides instant results. Users must choose a trustworthy tool for the task.

Which is a seamless tool for the task

To begin the task, users are asked to go with the Weeom PST splitter tool, one of the finest tools. This utility will help the users throughout the task and guide them to accomplish it. The software comes with various unique features that users want to know. So, go through its features before you begin the task with this utility.

  • It has a very simple GUI that makes the whole procedure easy.
  • Four options exist to split the PST files by year, size, date, and folder.
  • The tool splits PST files without any size restriction.
  • It can create separate PST files for various date ranges.
  • The tool will display the full report after the task is completed so one can check every step.
  • This utility can also split the password-protected Outlook PST file without glitches.
  • This tool effortlessly and smoothly splits large PST files simultaneously.
  • This tool is compatible with all the Windows operating systems and MS Outlook versions.


If users are willing to split PST files, they are asked to try the tool mentioned above, as it is a known third-party tool. One can rely on this utility as it guarantee users for the proper security of their data. It is easily accessible to the users 24/7 and it is a universal platform. The tool provides a free trial version so users can get detailed knowledge about the tool and how it works.