July 14, 2024

Effect of Planets on Your Career

Effect of Planets on Your Career

Can astrology help in choosing the right career? If you prioritize the right values and thoughts of life, then it is right in terms of career. It may sound interesting but the hardest part is choosing the right career. Professionally almost everyone complains and doubts about having a hard time, or how they can’t move forward in their field of work. This is no exaggeration. Their distrust is an inevitable consequence of the wrong career choice. You can get accurate career report predictions based on the date and time of birth from a good astrologer.

A career is a very important thing in your life where public opinion or friendly suggestions don’t really work. Instead of useless, unwanted, momentary sympathy, you need to be more precise about how you feel about yourself and which professional path will lead you to success or not.

Career Astrology is not mystical at all, but a useful study that provides knowledge about the exact time. And as far as a career is concerned, it is best to make the right choice at the right time. Astrology uses the horoscope to determine the exact time of your move or the most suitable occasion that you should follow. Good sense of timing, more chances of getting favorable results.

Career according to planets in astrology

The tenth house has a great impact on our careers and livelihood. To check career according to the position of the planets in the tenth house;

Venus in 10th house:

There is good fame with Venus in the tenth house. This is a fair sign of a healthy career. Venus is the lord of exaltation and Venus in the tenth house provides you employment like dress design, performance, composition, public connection, etc.

Sun in 10th house:

If Sun is in the tenth house then it is very effective for employment. It gives authority, role, and status to your livelihood. Sun in the tenth house is also reliable for bringing livelihood to government institutions and big companies.

Moon in 10th house:

Facing frequent changes in your employment! This can be an indication that the Moon is in your tenth house. Moon is also reliable for travel because of jobs. A powerful Moon can make you a career in the world of glamor. Also, it provides you employment in professions like HR, Medical, Marketing, Deals, etc.

Mars in 10th house:

Mars in the tenth house is the best sign for a career. In the tenth house, it gets directional power. Thus careers like Corps, Officer, Engineering, and Executive work will be enough for you.

Saturn in 10th house:

Saturn is the planet of uncertainty. It will give proper and proper results only if it is powerful in the tenth house. Success will come but will be visible with some pauses. You can choose careers like Supervision, Mining work, Lawyer, etc.

Mercury in 10th house:

If you are interested in an academic career, Mercury in the 10th house will give you job achievements. Mercury in the tenth house can be suitable for careers like an economist, journalism, consultant, and CA.

Jupiter in 10th House:

The credit for giving birth to the honesty of humanity is entirely given to Jupiter. So you will be excited about Nobel’s work. Jupiter is not very fair. You can earn a livelihood in professions like education, coaching, lecturing, magistrate, etc.


To choose a good career that will reward your career on the basis of astrology, you should look at the tenth house of your birth chart. It can help you choose a career that is best for you. You can get online astrology consultation and job astrology predictions by date and time of birth. For more accurate results you can look for trusted astrologers with good experience.