May 28, 2024

Reliable & Efficient Steps for EML File Transfer to Outlook on Mac/Windows



We’ll show you how to move EML files to Outlook on your Mac computer without losing any attachments in this post’s introduction. Additionally, you’ll learn about an automated method that streamlines the procedure and makes it simple to transfer many EML files into the Outlook environment. To have a complete knowledge of the curriculum, stay with us to the finish.


More Users are switching to Outlook as a result of its rising popularity. As a result, there is an increased need for a trustworthy solution to convert databases across file formats. The shortened form of EML, which stands for electronic mail or email, is used as the default file format for storing individual mail files by a number of email clients, including Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and others. Any of these email clients’ databases must be converted from EML to PST before being moved to Outlook. To help users who want to convert EML files to PST format with attachments, this blog article is specifically designed.

Manual Method,

We advise utilizing the DataVare EML to PST Converter for Mac to Move EML files to Outlook on a Mac & Windows. In order to use the Outlook interface, this third-party program can migrate EML files from a variety of email clients, including Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, eM Client, Entourage, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, DreamMail, and more. It is a time-saving tool since it enables batch export of EML files to PST in a single processing session.

The program offers sophisticated choices for a quick and easy export of EML files to the Outlook interface while ensuring that all EML file components are kept intact during the conversion process. The method for transferring EML files to Outlook on your Mac with this program is 100 percent accurate. To learn more about the program’s specifics, keep reading.

DataVare EML to PST Converter Software

The computer solution is the safe method to convert single and multiple EML files or folder to Outlook PST file format. There are no chances of data loss. Both technical and non-technical users can use this tool to convert EML emails with attachments to Outlook PST format. The software can work with all Windows OS and Mac OS versions whether it’s new or old.

Why should you select Mac’s EML to PST Converter?

Here are some outstanding characteristics of the instrument that offer a convincing response:

  • Batch Processing: The program’s batch processing feature enables you to choose and export many EML files to PST at once and without any delays.
  • Work with all Mac Versions: The Mac versions of Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, and Yosemite are all compatible with it.
  • Preservation of Attachments: The program effectively sends EML files to Outlook while preserving attachments.
  • User-Friendly Options: The app provides two options for choosing EML files, letting you pick between “Add Files” and “Add Folders.”
  • Simplyness: There are only a few simple stages involved in the converting process.
  • Data Integrity: The original message components, characteristics, and structure are preserved throughout the conversion of EML files to PST format.
  • Data Security: The application guarantees safe Windows Live Mail EML to PST conversion without any data loss or file damage.

Follow these Easy Steps to Move EML files to Outlook on your Mac:

  • DataVare EML to PST Converter for Mac & Windows can be downloaded, installed, and launched.
  • Upload your EML mailbox using the “Add Files” or “Add Folders” options, then click “OK.”
  • To transfer an EML file, select it and then click “Next.”
  • Select “PST” from the drop-down menu for the saving option.
  • By selecting “Browse,” you can specify where to save the converted PST file.
  • To begin the transfer procedure, click “Export”. When finished, a message window stating “Conversion Completed” will show up. To complete the procedure, click “OK”.

Results Showed That

In essence, this blog article offers an automated method that keeps all mail information if you’re trying to move EML files to Outlook on your Mac. Additionally, you can transfer the first EML files to PST format for free by using the sample version of EML to PST Converter for Mac. You can then upgrade to the full license edition if the program meets your needs when you have a better understanding of how it operates.