April 20, 2024

EML to PST Converter Tool – Convert EML files to PST

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In this era of a digital platform, communicating through email has become necessary for users. Most importantly, the businesses that are storing large amounts of data daily. They are supposed to send and receive many emails every day, and earlier, everyone used to rely on EML. Now that users want more security for their data, they want to convert their data from EML to PST. The users are looking for a perfect EML to PST converter solution to finish the task quickly. It is difficult for users to shift their data to Outlook PST file format, and it is tough to handle this task.

The Outlook PST file is a trusted emailing platform that will assure users of their data’s security. Users will be able to communicate from different places and will be able to share or transfer multiple files at once from different systems. Hence, it has become essential for users to import files into Outlook and take advantage of PST files. Moreover, users are looking for a picture-perfect solution to commence the task. For a hassle-free way, read the entire blog, and you will get an idea for beginning the task.

Why PST is more reliable than EML 

The Outlook PST file is the talk of the town as it is easy to manage the data with Outlook rather than any other email client. Therefore, users are approaching Outlook to store all their essential emails and share their crucial data from one device to another. There is no harm in exchanging the material from different places as Outlook perfectly manages the data. Now that users want to convert EML to PST, they are looking for the advantage of the same. Below, we mention some of the benefits of this EML to the PST conversion process.

  • If users are willing to switch from one email client to another, they are first supposed to convert their EML file to Outlook PST file format.
  • Users with multiple email accounts with different file formats want to merge their data and create one. Now, users are required to have a trustworthy EML to PST converter that can easily convert the data.
  • Comparatively, the size of the EML file is smaller than the Outlook PST file, so if users have a large file, they are supposed to convert it to an Outlook PST file.
  • The PST file assimilates better with all the Microsoft products than the Eml file format, so users should switch to Outlook. 
  • As everyone knows, PST files are known for archiving emails, so if users want to archive their old emails for backup purposes, they are asked to import EML files into Outlook quickly.

Suggest the methods for EML to PST conversion.

Users are keen to begin this EML to PST conversion task, as they quickly want to shift their data. There are two ways to commence the task: the manual method and the professional third party. Thus, users are asked to choose their preferred method if they want to begin their EML to PST conversion task. The manual process is the old way of converting the data to PST; earlier, everyone relied solely on this method. However, with the manual method, it is difficult for users to shift multiple PST files simultaneously. 

Therefore, users nowadays look for EML-to-PST converter tools that can quickly move their data from EML to PST. Users do not have to repeat the whole procedure multiple times as it allows them to add several EML files simultaneously and convert them to PST. Users must choose the correct utility for the task, as only some tools offer security to users’ data. If you want a top-notch solution, go through the following paragraph and run the task with the tool mentioned below.

Which is a picture-perfect tool for the task

We suggest users try the Weeom EML to PST converter tool to commence this conversion task for best results. It will give you immediate results, results so users do not have to wait hours to finish the whole task. This tool is available 24/7 and is universal so that anyone can run the task from anywhere. Users who want to learn more about the tool can check out its unique features.

  • This tool effortlessly import EML files into Outlook PST file format.
  • It can convert the EML file to MSG and PST file without taking much time.
  • Users can export the EML to Office 365 and Exchange servers.
  • This utility can support the EML file of more than 18 email clients.
  • This utility assures users 100% security of their data.
  • It has a very user-centric feature that will make the whole procedure easygoing.
  • Once the process is completed, this EML to PST converter tool will prepare the status report of the entire task.
  • This utility can convert the EML file into ANSI and Unicode format.
  • The tool offers free 24/7 technical support.


In the end, we suggest to users that they must go with the best if they are willing to convert their EML file into Outlook PST. The EML to PST converter tool that we have shared above is a one-stop solution for the users, as it will provide you with proper guidance. It offers a free demo version so that one can easily explore more about the utility.