June 21, 2024

Why & How to Export Thunderbird Emails to MS Outlook PST Format


Summary: Both manual and alternative solutions are explained in this blog. The best way to export Mozilla Thunderbird mail to Outlook 2019 is to use the MBOX to PST Converter tool. This application facilitates the user’s transfer of all emails and attachments from Thunderbird to Outlook.

There is no denying the importance of email apps in the modern digital world. As a proper connectivity source, email is actually the most crucial component. While accessing and arranging an email program is easy, it frequently becomes a new degree of difficulty.

Reasons or Motives to Convert Thunderbird Emails to Outlook PST Format

  • Migration to Outlook: If you’re switching from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook, changing emails to PST format is essential for seamless migration. Outlook uses PST files to save mailbox statistics, and converting Thunderbird emails guarantees an easy transition.
  • Corporate Environment: In an organization environment in which Microsoft Outlook is generally used, changing Thunderbird emails to PST allows for uniformity in verbal exchange and collaboration devices. It guarantees that each crew contributor can get right of entry to and percentage of emails continually.
  • Data Backup and Archiving: PST documents are a standardized format for electronic mail archiving and backup in Outlook. Converting Thunderbird emails to PST offers an easy way to create a backup or archive of essential emails, ensuring information integrity and safety.

Method 1: Use a Gmail account to convert Thunderbird messages to Outlook

By following these two steps, you can export files from Thunderbird to Outlook.

  • First, open Mozilla Thunderbird and log into your Gmail account.
  • Start by logging into your Gmail account.
  • Next, choose the Gear icon and access the Gmail configuration.
  • To enable IMAP, choose forwarding and POP/IMAP now.
  • In addition, set up the IMAP account and select Save Changes.
  • Install Thunderbird in this step, then open it by entering the account’s password, email address, and name and clicking the Continue button.
  • Next, tick the IMAP box and enter all the necessary outgoing and incoming information. Click “Retest” now.
  • The operation will be properly completed once you have accurately provided all the required information. Select the Create a New Account option after that.
  • Finally, any email message can be seen in Thunderbird to confirm your Gmail account.

Configure Microsoft Outlook with Your Gmail Account in Step Two.

  • To begin with, select Add Account from the File menu.
  • Next, a dialog box requesting that you manually configure the server settings or select other server types will show up. Click Next.
  • Then, to continue, choose the Internet Email > Next option.
  • In the dialog box, enter your name, email address, and password.
  • From the Account Type, select the IMAP option for your IMAP mail account.
  • Enter smtp.gmail.com for the outgoing server and imap.gmail.com for the incoming server now. Click the More Settings button.
  • Next, choose My Outgoing Server (SMTP) under Outgoing Server.
  • Select the Use Same Settings as My Incoming Server option now.
  • Additionally, fill in the 993 port numbers in the Incoming Server Port field.
  • Select the This Server Needs an Encrypted Connection option now.
  • Next, enter the outgoing server’s port number, 587, and click the OK button to close the dialog box.
  • Click Test Account Settings to view the account settings.
  • As soon as you see “Your account settings are correct,” click Next.
  • Finally, Thunderbird email conversion is simple with Outlook 2019.


  • Due to its complexity, this procedure takes a long time and is difficult for non-professional users to grasp.
  • When you need to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook in bulk, this is not the best option.
  • An orphan or deleted email cannot be transferred from a Mozilla Thunderbird inbox to Outlook using this method.

A Reliable Approach to Exporting Thunderbird Mailbox to Outlook PST Format

The process of exporting Thunderbird files to PST format may be made more efficient by employing specialized software. “Mailvita Thunderbird to Outlook Converter for Mac” is one such trustworthy program. Here’s a detailed how-to:

  • Get and Set Up
  • Start the program.
  • Include files for Thunderbird.
  • Preview Communications
  • Select PST for output and apply filters.
  • Establish the destination, begin conversion finalization, and obtain access.

Last Words

In the final analysis, there is a quick and easy way to transform PowerMail MBOX files to PST format using the Mailvita Thunderbird to Outlook Converter for Mac. Its easy-to-use layout and customizable features make it a dependable solution for people or businesses wishing to switch from Thunderbird to Outlook.