June 16, 2024

Workable Guide for Migrating MBOX to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013


Summary/Introduction: This post will go through the fundamental distinctions between MBOX and PST, the necessity of converting MBOX to PST, two manual techniques for doing so, and one approach that experts advise. To select the approach that will be most effective for their situation, the user will get information and understanding from this.

A popular email service worldwide is Microsoft Outlook. It offers a multitude of features to users. For all these reasons, users are keen to convert MBOX files to PST files.

MBOX File vs MS Outlook PST File


  • MBOX is used to store and back up email databases.
  • Mail clients such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and others support MBOX.


All Outlook Mailbox data, like folders, calendars, etc., is in PST format.

PST is a file format for Outlook Mail. Outlook offers a multitude of capabilities to its customers.

Need for MBOX to PST Conversion

Many people are converting their MBOX files to PST files, it has been seen. The points mentioned below will discuss some generic reasons for this conversion of MBOX to PST.

  • MS Outlook provides its users with more features than the MBOX file format.
  • It is cost-efficient.
  • PST files can be edited with an internet connection, but MBOX files need an internet connection to be edited.
  • It provides greater security for data because it is a Microsoft product.

Methods of MBOX to PST Conversion:

In this topic, we will discuss two methods to convert MBOX to PST manually and one professional method using the MBOX to PST Converter tool.

The four main steps are as follows:

  1. Data transmission to Apple Mail.
  2. Making a mailbox using Eudora.
  3. Adding mailboxes using Outlook Express.
  4. Move Mailbox across Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook.

How to Import Mailbox Data in Apple Mail First

  • On your computer, install and launch Apple Mail.
  • Select the Import mailbox option after selecting File.
  • Choose Files in mbox format under the Import data from option, then click the next button.
  • Click Continue after selecting the directory containing the MBOX files.
  • After the transfer is finished, choose Done.

Step 2: Create a mailbox using Eudora.

  • Modify the newly imported file’s file extension to.mbx. xyzMBOX to xyzMBOX.mbx, for instance.
  • Move this file to the Eudora Directory (C: Documents and Settings user >> Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora) by default.
  • Double-click xyzMBOX.mbx in Eudora to exit the application after opening it.

Step 3: Use Outlook Express to import Mailbox.

  • Start the Outlook Express app.
  • Choose File>Import>Messages.
  • Click Eudora from the listing of email apps, then click the Next button.
  • Click “OK” and then the “.MBOX” file from the region that became stored.
  • Lastly, choose Next>>Next>>. Complete in Outlook Express.

Step 4: Import PST files into MS Outlook

  • Start the MS Outlook software program to convert documents.
  • Choose Import/Export by clicking a left-click on on the report.
  • Select a further files and folder in the Import column, then click Next.
  • Subsequently selecting “Outlook Express 4.X, 5.X, 6.X, or window mail,” tap the Proceed button.
  • Choose the files vicinity to import and export from the Browse menu, then click Next.
  • Hit the “Finish” button when you’re done.

It will convert MBOX to PST manually once you’ve completed all the aforementioned stages.

Easy & Quick Method to Export MBOX Emails with Attachments to PST Format

If you have attempted to convert MBOX emails with attachments to PST layout manually, you can take into account the usage of the GainTools MBOX to PST Converter Software. With attachments, this program can easily export one or more MBOX emails to PST format. Once the conversion process has evolved, there’s no possibility of record loss.

This software can convert MBOX files to the PST file layout for both technical and non-technical users. Additionally, the utility is compatible with each version of the Windows operating system, which includes Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and so forth. Download the app’s free demo model to learn more about its capabilities and talents without having to pay any money.

Compared to the manual way, the MBOX to PST Converter Tool offers several advantages. Numerous examples are listed below:

  • Keeps the file and folder hierarchy intact.
  • Able to convert MBOX files in bulk into PST.
  • Data loss is non-existent, and data security is excellent.
  • Suitable with the newest operating system version.


Users have the choice to use any method to convert MBOX files to the PST file format. The free method is cost-free but takes a long time to convert MBOX files to PST file format. I recommend using the GainTools MBOX to PST Converter software to easily export any size of MBOX data to the PST file format. Take advantage of this app’s free demo.