June 15, 2024

Two Best Approaches To Export Gmail emails to PST File Format

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Summary: Methods to export Gmail emails to PST files are covered in this post. variety of reasons are available to download emails from Gmail into PST format. To understand the instructions and a professional solution, carefully read the full article.

Definitely! Most members in our community use Gmail, which is a quick, cost-free, and always available email program. Gmail is the finest illustration of cloud computing, especially in light of its inception and extensive usage. Additionally, Gmail offers ample storage, which keeps users around. What happens, if there are any cyberattacks or unintentional deletions from the Gmail account occur? To ensure data security, the best course of action is to archive or export Gmail emails. Let’s review some fundamentals of PST before proceeding with the detailed instructions to export Gmail to PST files.

PST: Microsoft created the PST file format, which is used to store tasks, events, calendars, contacts, emails, and more. It belongs to the Microsoft Office Suite. Because it facilitates the management of users’ calendars and contacts, it is also known as Personal Information Manager. Along with these amazing features, Outlook also offers Search, Spam Filter, Rules, and a host of other features that make email functionality clear.

Reasons to Export Gmail emails to PST

Examine the advantages of the process to export emails from Gmail to Outlook PST. An explanation of PST file benefits is provided in this section.

  • The PST format is small in size. Transferring data from one machine to another and replicating it onto an external storage device. In the future, you can locate your data by importing PST into Microsoft Outlook.
  • Appropriate security measures can be applied to the PST file to prevent access to data elements.
  • There are two versions of Microsoft Outlook. Windows and Mac OS X users should use separate ones. In addition, the Google GAMMO Tool allows PST to be suggested to several Gmail/G Suite accounts. 
  • Because Gmail is so versatile, people occasionally export Gmail to PST files to store on a hard disk. Yahoo, Zoho, Hotmail, Office 365, AOL, and other platforms can be imported into PST files.

How to Export Gmail inbox to PST on a local PC, computer, or hard drive

The direct and manual method that helps users to convert Gmail to PST files safely, will be covered in this post.

  • Use the Google Takeout method to export Gmail to PST.
  • A Professional Method to Export Gmail emails to PST. 

User Query: Please assist me! On my computer, How Can you export Gmail emails to Outlook? My Gmail account is where I have stored all of my documents, emails, and other data. However, for quick and simple access, I currently need to store a handful of my emails on my PC.

#1 Google Takeout Method to Export emails from Gmail to Outlook PST

Gmail’s built-in function called Google Takeout makes it easy to export Gmail emails to an external hard drive or PC in MBOX format. Gmail emails can be converted from MBOX to PST format after being archived to a hard disk in that format. Although there are some limitations, it’s a free method of backing up Gmail emails to an external hard drive.

How to Export Gmail Emails to PST File for Store on a Hard Drive

  • Open the browser, go to (https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout) and use your system credentials to log into your Gmail account.
  • Once you have selected the necessary option to export, click Deselect All to convert Gmail to PST.
  • You must download Gmail emails from the File format TGZ or ZIP option. Click the Next Step button and select the file format PST. Now choose the frequency to export emails from Gmail to Outlook PST
  • To proceed further, press the Create Export button.
  • Here is the current status of the Gmail email export process. 

Google Takeout will send you an email with a download link as soon as the process is finished. Gmail emails can be saved to the hard drive by opening the received email and selecting the Download Archive button.

Cons of Using This Method to Export Gmail Emails to PST

Users report that Google Takeout is not the best option for exporting Gmail mailboxes because of its limitations.

  • A connection to the internet is required! The process can recur repeatedly if internet connectivity is lost.
  • Make sure the emails are not downloaded on the hard disk completely.
  • Lack of a date filter to export Gmail emails according to a specific range.
  • It is unable to allow the backup of incoming Gmail account emails.

#2. Professional Method to Export Gmail Inbox to PST

If your Gmail email export fails to export to PST, don’t panic! To do this, choose the straightforward and expeditious method. You may download and export Gmail mailboxes to PST formats with the G Suite to Office 365 migration Tool, an effective and dependable backup solution. It may also back up and store Gmail emails in other file types, including PDF, PST, MBOX, EML, EMLX, and MSG. So let us examine the process to export Gmail mailbox into PST that is given below.

How-To Guide: Export Gmail Emails to PST in Detail

  • Instal the G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool. 
  • log in with your third app password and Gmail username.
  • To export emails, click the Gmail button in the present wizard.
  • Click Next after making your selection of the file or folder you wish to export.
  • Select PST format using the dropdown box.
  • Apply the date range filter using the Mail filter tool, based on your requirements.
  • Decide the path to use to save the Gmail emails, and choose a custom folder name to export Gmail to PST. Select the option to convert.
  • Your exported Gmail emails can now be viewed in PST format at the location of your choice. 

Notable Features of the Direct Approach:

  • Exports Gmail to PST file format easily.
  • To gather Gmail inbox details, it has highlighted over ten different file formats.
  • permits users to save data from their Gmail mailboxes to PST, MSG, EML, TXT, PDF, and other formats.
  • helps users move emails from Gmail to Thunderbird, Yahoo, Outlook, and other Gmail accounts quickly.
  • It can backup all of your Google Drive data, including documents, calendars, contacts, photos, and more, to an external hard drive.


You may easily export Gmail emails to PST file format by using this guide. The manual and direct methods for exporting Gmail emails to PST format have been covered. However, it is advised to choose the quick and easy option to eliminate any data loss concerns in the process to export emails from Gmail to Outlook PST.