May 28, 2024

How to Combine Multiple VCF into One? – In 5 Easy Steps


Hey, I am Anna Chandy, I am looking for a verified approach to combine various .vcf contact files into single VCF file. Due to privacy concerns, I am not willing to opt for any online tool. Please suggest me any secured method to execute VCF merging. Thanks.


This blog will immensely help you tackling “how to combine multiple VCF into one”. So if you have a need to merge multiple .vcf files into one then follow the instructions mentioned here.

Do you ever wonder why it is important to merge multiple VCF files into single VCF?

Merging various VCF files into one will help to keep all the contacts at one place. So that it will not be difficult to manage multiple files. Also, one can share a single VCF easily via email attachment or any other way.

Which Method to Choose In Order to Merge Multiple .vcf files into one?

CubexSoft vCard MergerTool is a prominent way to combine multiple contact files into single file. It is also the securest options, as it is capable to perform VCF merging on offline mode. The software will set you free from any data loss issue, and it gives output merged contact files with  exact original content without any single piece of information loss.  Users may opt for its free demo to gain overall clarity. This app is compatible with all Windows Operating System versions. We will explore all elements of .vcf Merger App later in the article. Before that let me tell you how you can easily merge numerous .vcf files into one .vcf file with the suggested software.

How to Combine Multiple VCF into One? – Working Steps

  • Download, Install vCard Converter on Windows PC.
  • Then add files and add folder as per requirement.
  • To deselect unnecessary files click on “Remove” and “Remove All” options.
  • Now there is vCard Merge option click on it.
  • Choose specific destination path and click on Export.

All Elements and Advantages of vCard Merger Software

  • The suggested VCF Merger Tool enables to upload various files.
  • It supports merging of multiple VCF files into one in few clicks.
  • Also, it is a time saviour approach as it takes only few seconds to perform vCard merging.
  • It is also the easiest method which can be utilized by anyone with zero technical skill.
  • This app provides option to choose files as per preference.
  • And the most advantageous feature of the app is that it keeps contact info as it is.
  • All the contact fields remain the same while merging such as name detail, email address, phone number, etc.
  • And it is possible to use vCard files from various sources for example smartphones (Android and iPhone), email clients, email servers, etc.
  • It is feasible to upload vCard files of any size and dimension.  

How to Combine Multiple VCF into One? – Resolved

In the end, I want to tell you that if you are user who has no technical background, still you will manage to merge multiple VCF into one effortlessly with this app. Now download vCard Utility on your system of Windows Operating Systems of which all the editions are compatible such as Windows 11, Windows XP and other. The free demo of the utility enables to use 5 vcf file to know how to merge multiple vCard (.vcf)files into single .vcf file without any charges.