June 16, 2024

How to Swiftly Split VCF File into Multiple files


Splitting a VCF (Virtual Contact File) into more than one document can be particularly beneficial at the same time as dealing with or organizing contacts. While there are numerous strategies to collect this, the use of specialized software applications like Split VCF File Program simplifies the method. Here’s a whole manual on abruptly splitting a VCF document into more than one document using this program.

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Understanding VCF Files

VCF files have a well-known layout for storing contact information. They can encompass a couple of contacts in an unmarried file, making it convenient for storage and sharing. However, in powerful conditions, it will become essential to break up this consolidated file into smaller, extra-capacity gadgets, each containing a subset of contacts.

Introducing the Split VCF File Program

The DataVare Split VCF File utility effectively breaks down VCF (vCard) files into more than one smaller document. Seamlessly designed, it simplifies the process of organizing and managing touch data through the use of a method that permits customers to break up a single top-notch VCF document into smaller, more viable ones. This person-quality device ensures precision in splitting, preserving all contact records and commands at the same time as generating character files based totally on specific requirements. Whether segmenting contacts by means of using the manner of businesses, alphabetically, or any favored technique, Split VCF File streamlines the approach, making information dealing with greater to be had and organized. This software proves valuable for absolutely everyone seeking to beautify contact manipulation through green file segmentation.

Step-by-Step Guide to Swiftly Splitting VCF Files

  • Download and install the Split VCF File Program:
  • Open the Split VCF File Program as soon as it’s effectively set up.
  • Use this system’s interface to navigate to the vicinity of the VCF document you want to interrupt.
  • Select the report and open it in the software.
  • Specify splitting criteria:
  • Initiate the splitting process:
  • Save split files to the desired location:
  • Choose the vacation spot folder where you want the cut-up documents to be saved.
  • Once the splitting technique is complete, assess the generated documents to ensure the contacts have been segmented successfully.


DataVare Split VCF File Program simplifies the frequently complicated undertaking of splitting an unmarried VCF report into more than one smaller file. This manual outlines the steps to all at once and successfully perform this challenge, supplying clients with the energy to arrange their contact information in a more viable manner.