July 21, 2024

Right Method for Non-Technical Users to Easily Save EML Files in MS Outlook


Are you having trouble figuring out how to use Microsoft Outlook to store EML files? You can convert.eml files into Outlook PST format with ease using our platform, so there’s no need to search anymore. This tutorial will assist you in achieving a seamless conversion, regardless of the mail application you’re using—Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, eM Client, DreamMail, or any other compatible mail program.

Why Use a Professional EML to PST Conversion Tool?

When it comes to precise and certain outcomes, professional methods are always the best option. They remove the possibility of corrupted files and data loss. In addition to saving you a great deal of time, the Softaken EML to PST Converter provides an exact solution without sacrificing data integrity. Even if you are not technical, it can successfully answer your question about how to save EML files in Microsoft Outlook. Packed with improved functionality, the EML to PST Converter guarantees dependable results.

Consider the following crucial points:

  • Batch Conversion: This software notably cuts down on conversion time by permitting you to save an infinite variety of EML files into your Outlook account at once.
  • Selective Conversion: This software lets you select if you have a ton of EML files and want a subset of them in PST. You can pick out the essential files for export to PST by using the preview function that it gives for EML files before conversion.
  • Filters: You can without problems export outstanding EML files and folders with the assistance of the EML to PST conversion software’s filtering options, which include To, From, Subject, Date Range, and Exclude Deleted Folders.
  • Data Integrity: The application maintains all your EML files’ formatting and metadata inside the conversion process. By doing this, you’ll be assured that the email content material’s header and body remain unchanged.
  • Folder Hierarchy: Data control is made much less hard and lots less difficult at the same time as this device saves your EML emails to Outlook while keeping their proper folder form.
  • Attachment Preservation: It is made to maintain all EML files and their attachments without converting the attachments’ dimensions or appearance.
  • Backup Report: Following the saving technique, this device gives an entire backup file with numerous information, along with the start time and date, the amount of EML documents determined, output alternatives, vacation spot region, repute, and further. This backup record may be stored in TXT format for future use.

Effective Procedures for Outlook EML File Saving

To quickly and correctly convert EML files into Outlook PST, adhere to these smooth steps:

  • Install the EML to PST Converter on your Windows PC after downloading it.
  • When uploading EML documents, you’ve got alternatives: Select File(s) or Select Folder. Click OK after choosing the crucial EML documents.
  • The complete EML mailbox is shown by the program on the left side. After choosing the EML files, folders, or subfolders you wish to convert to PST, use the toolbar’s convert option.
  • To save the EML files in the Outlook interface, use the PST option.
  • On your desktop, select a good destination location. If needed, you can apply filter settings. To begin converting EML files to PST files, click the Convert button.
  • The program will start storing the chosen EML files in PST format and show the current state of the conversion in real time. When it’s finished, “Saving completed successfully” will be shown in a message box. Click OK to complete.

In Summary Your complete EML mailbox can be easily converted into Outlook by following the aforementioned procedures. Verify that the converted PST files are kept in the destination place you previously chose by checking them. There are licensing and demo editions of the EML to PST conversion software available. In addition to saving up to a few EML files in Outlook that contain all mail components, you can test the sample edition to find out more. A reasonable-priced license key is offered for batch conversions and to store the leftover EML files.