May 28, 2024

Feasible & Easy Techniques to Saving Thunderbird .eml to Outlook .pst Format


We’ll demonstrate today how to steer clear of issues throughout the EML to Outlook conversion process. Email clients are widely available to internet users. While some emphasize formal writing, others provide more enjoyable means of communication through gestures, emotions, and other means. Because each program utilizes a distinct format, switching between them might be challenging.

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Outlook can only manage files with the PST extension. For instance, Thunderbird only saves your information in EML format. To open.eml files in View, we recommend using specialized software tools. These tools make import and export simple and hassle-free. Before continuing, make sure you understand these fundamentals.

Why move at all?

Outlook is incredibly popular among business users because of its extensive suite of communication and time-management features. Workers have access to assignments, calendar choices, and more. Free clients, such as Thunderbird, sometimes lack the official resources required for staff members.

Apple Mail, WLM, SeaMonkey, and the previous version of Outlook Express now support EML as an email storage format. Despite the possible hazards, users can attempt to manually move their mail between users in order to save money. Here are a few potential approaches.

Using Microsoft Outlook

Run Outlook and take the following actions if you have saved EML files on your device but don’t have the appropriate client to open them:

  • To participate, use these files.
  • Drag and drop a selected file into Outlook.
  • You can now open and view the EML.

However, for a large number of files, this strategy is challenging to employ. It is tougher and takes longer to complete as it gets larger. In this case, it is better to use a specialized instrument. It is also crucial to verify the correct arrangement of Microsoft’s email clients.

Using Windows Live Mail (WLM),

  • On a single device, backup your data and unlock two users.
  • In WLM, choose File, Export, and Email Messages.
  • After choosing Microsoft Exchange as the export option, click Next.
  • A pop-up window informing you of the email export should now appear. Either click OK or choose another folder to relocate.
  • When the whole export wizard is displayed, click on the conclusion.

Note: Please be aware that both programs must be installed on the same device in order for this approach to work.

Outlook Express is used.

This is the simplest method available. Nevertheless, some machines still have it installed, even though the application no longer supports it. If you happen to be one of the surviving users, launch the program and drag the files inside. Take these actions to complete the exchange:

  • Open an email program on your gadget.
  • Adhere to the setup: File: Export-Import/EExport and Open.
  • Next, choose Outlook Express. Next, Finish, and Import Internet Mail and Address. You have now reached the desired location for the files.
  • Note that this method only works with Microsoft email users from the following years: 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.

The primary issues

Although such techniques provide free file transfers, they come with a lot of disadvantages. These are a few typical causes of issues with manual labor.

  • Possible data loss: This technique does not guarantee the saving of your files. Depending on the method, a manual transfer may result in the complete loss of important information.
  • Absence of SMTP headers: The placement of email files alters their SMTP headers. Furthermore, their metaphysical characteristics will change. Although it is imperative to preserve the integrity of every file, the value of physical labor is indisputable.
  • Manual labor can waste time and energy. Even when done correctly, this process can still be laborious. This is especially true when there are numerous.eml files involved. Therefore, why take a chance? It makes sense to steer clear of any questionable advice and entrust the task to the experts.

Why do specialized tools generally perform better?

Molds will inevitably collide, which is the biggest barrier to physical labor. An attempt to transfer data suggests its potential usefulness. When there are simple, safe ways to import, why take a chance on damage? It is speedy and dependable to start with. Software such as the Softaken EML to PST Converter can complete the procedure in a few clicks. A safe transfer is ensured by the tool designed for saving Thunderbird.eml to Outlook.pst format, as data loss never produces positive consequences.