June 18, 2024

Uncomplicated Ways to Access EML Emails with Attachments in Outlook


Summary/Overview: EML files, a prevalent format for storing email messages across various email applications like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, and Mozilla Thunderbird, follow the MIME standard, enabling messages to be transmitted in a text-based format. In this discourse, we’ll delve into the methods to effortlessly open EML files in the Windows environment.

Method 1: Harnessing the Windows Mail App

The Windows Mail App, an innate email client in Windows 10, seamlessly supports EML files. No external software is needed to open and read them. Here’s the simple process:

  • Launch the Windows Mail app on your computer.
  • Click the three horizontal lines (hamburger menu) at the top left corner and choose ‘Import messages.’
  • In the import window, opt for ‘Windows Live Mail’ or ‘Outlook Express’ based on your email client.
  • Click ‘Next’ and select the EML files you wish to open.
  • Hit ‘Import’ to commence the import process.
  • Post-import, find the EML files in the ‘Imported Folder’ within the Windows Mail app.

Method 2: Embracing Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook, a widely used email client, is adept at handling EML files. Here’s how you can navigate them in Outlook:

  • Open Outlook on your computer.
  • From the File menu, select ‘Import and Export.’
  • Opt for ‘Import Internet Mail and Addresses.’
  • Click ‘Next’ and choose ‘Outlook Express’ or ‘Windows Live Mail’ depending on your client.
  • Check the ‘Import Mail’ box and click ‘Next.’
  • Select the EML files for opening and click ‘Next.’
  • Specify a location for the imported files and click ‘Finish.’

Access the EML files in the Outlook ‘Imported Folder’ after the completion of the import process.

When the Windows Mail app or Microsoft Outlook isn’t accessible, third-party software comes to the rescue. Options like Mozilla Thunderbird, eM Client, and Mailbird can be utilized. Here’s how to open EML files using Mozilla Thunderbird:

Method 3: Using Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer.
  • Open Thunderbird and click ‘File’ on the menu bar.
  • Select ‘Import’ and opt for ‘Mail.’
  • Pick the relevant email client from the list and click ‘Next.’
  • Check the ‘Import Mail’ box and click ‘Next.’
  • Indicate the location of the EML files and click ‘Next.’
  • Finally, click ‘Finish’ to wrap up the import process.

Method 3: Third-party software like Softaken EML to Outlook PST Converter

Softaken EML to Outlook PST Converter Software is the finest option if you’ve been looking for a program to convert EML files to MS Outlook PST format. The program can easily export one or more EML files in the Outlook PST format. Users are not limited by data; they can import any size EML file or folder for conversion into PST format. Try the app’s free sample version to learn more about its features and capabilities without having to pay any money.

In Conclusion: Decrypting EML Files on Windows

To conclude, EML files, a prevalent email file format, necessitate a compatible email client or software for access. The Windows Mail app and Microsoft Outlook serve as built-in champions for handling EML files seamlessly. In the absence of these options, third-party software can be enlisted. By following the elucidated steps, you can effortlessly convert EML files into Outlook on Windows and peruse their contents.