May 28, 2024

How do I convert an email address to OLM?


In this article, I will demonstrate the correct method for resolving any issues related to converting email to OLM. So, if you are struggling with importing Maildir to Outlook for Mac, this article is for you. Grasp all the details mentioned in the blog.

Users Doubt:

Hey, I am Drake. I have recently started using Outlook for Mac email clients. That is why I have an urgent need to import my Maildir data to OLM format, as it is important to have access to them in the Outlook Mac email client. If there is any suitable solution regarding this issue, then kindly share.

Use the Maildir to OLM Tool to export the Maidir format to an OLM file.

CubexSoft Maildir to OLM Converter is the appropriate solution to export multiple Maildir files to Outlook for Mac (.olm) format in a single round. This method also allows for migrating a complete folder of Maildir at once. Users can migrate Maildir to OLM without any risk of data loss, as this method is completely secure to opt for. You can launch the software on any edition of the Windows Operating System, including Windows 11, 8, 10, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista, and so on. An external email client’s installation is required to import data from Maildir to OLM.

Using this method, the software converts both Maildir and Maildir++ files. Furthermore, Dovecot, Kmail, Postfix, Mutt, and other Maildir files can be converted to OLM format. Users from any non-technical background are also able to run works on this utility, it is as simple as there is no technical issue that can trouble the user. The software provides numerous functions to facilitate the conversion of Maildir to OLM, including:

Advanced Filter: By adding the required filter options (date range, to, from, and exclude deleted items), it is easy to specify the Maildir data accordingly.

Select Saving Path: Users can locate the output OLM files at their preferred location in the system, so they will not have any difficulty navigating the output data.

Migration Status: At the end of the conversion, users see all of the necessary information about the migration procedure on the screen.

Free Demo: Users can test the tool’s functionality through a demo, which allows them to export the 25 Maildir files to OLM format without incurring any costs.

A Complete Guide to Resolving the Problem of Converting Email Maildirs to OLM is Here.

  • First, launch the Maildir File Converter.
  • Select your required data with the help of these options: “Add Files” and “Add Folder.”.
  • On the screen, all the Maildir files begin to display with a checkbox for each item; select the specific items from here.
  • Press the “Export” option to choose the resultant format, like OLM.
  • Add filter options and choose the desired destination location.
  • Now hit the “Convert” tab to start processing the Maildir to OLM conversion.
  • Then you receive “Process Completed Successfully.” Click OK to end the process.
  • View the Notepad file comprising all information about the migration procedure.

Ending Note

As users get the perfect answer to their query of how to convert email mail to OLM, they may now install the application. Before purchasing the license key for the tool, do not miss the trial edition of the software to gain more practicality.