May 28, 2024

Techniques to Access Apple Mail Mailboxes 

How to access Apple mail mailboxes

Apple Mail is the default email client for Mac users, which stores emails and other types of mailbox data that is not directly accessible outside the application. By doing so, we can solve problems that arise for Mac users. In this article, you will get solutions on how to access Apple Mail mailboxes. In doing so, we will provide solutions to frequently asked questions for Apple Mail users.

Access Apple Mail Mailboxes Using the Manual Method

Step 1: Find the Apple Mail mailboxes folder.

  • Open Finder on the Mac.
  • Locate the menu bar, then select “Go”, followed by “Go to folder”.
  • Type the path ‘/Library/Mail/’ and click Enter, which will take you directly to where Apple Mail stores its mail data.

Step 2: Look for the Mailboxes folder.

  • We store each mailbox in a folder with its own version and account type.
  • You will find your mailbox data stored in a structured manner like a folder is stored in subfolders.

Sep. 3: Now, open the mail.

  • To view the content stored in mailboxes outside the application, you will need a file viewer that supports MBOX files, as Apple mailbox files are stored in MBOX file format.

To access the content, you will need an automated tool that supports MBOX files.

Access Apple Mail Mailboxes Using an Automated Tool

For this, you will need an automated tool that supports MBOX file format, and the user who wants to access the mailbox email file content outside the application can use our tool named SysTools MBOX Converter Tool. Because it supports the MBOX file format, it is an efficient and reliable solution for seeing the content of your MBOX file. Additionally, it caters to users who wish to transfer their MBOX files to Outlook. Our tool supports different kinds of output file formats, like PST, PDF,MSG, and so on. It can export MBOX files to various file formats, as mentioned. Therefore, by using this tool, users can view the file and export it to PST or any other file format according to their needs.

Advantages of Using an Automated Tool

  • Our tool allows you to access Apple Mail mailboxes by converting your file to a variety of file formats.
  • It has a user-friendly interface to simplify the work and make it accessible to users.
  • The tool guarantees the conversion of your Apple Mail to the desired output format and aids in managing any data loss.
  • It allows you to convert a specific email or any folder that you want to export. It provides the user with options during the conversion process.


So, in this article, we discussed how to access Apple Mail mailboxes by manual and automated methods. In the manual method, your options are limited, whereas the automated tool offers a wide range of features. We recommend that you use an automated tool that can convert MBOX. This tool can not only display your MBOX file but also transform it into various file formats. For instance, if you wish to view the file in Outlook, it will convert it into the PST file format.