May 28, 2024

How to Find and Delete Duplicate MP4 Files? A Step-By-Step Guide!


Sometimes you notice that your PC is running out of storage. It can be due to the presence of a lot of duplicate MP4 video files. You might think of deleting those duplicate MP4 files but cannot find them. So you are in the right place. Here in this blog, I will tell you how to find and delete duplicate MP4 files with manual and automated solutions.

Reasons to Deleting Duplicate MP4 Files

  1. Duplicate MP4 files consume unnecessary storage, which can lead to storage shortages over a period of time. Removing identical files helps free up valuable digital space on your system.
  2. Several identical MP4 files can make your file system unorganized and it is difficult to identify the files you want at that time. Deleting duplicates can easily manage your file media library.
  3. Too many duplicate files can cause of slowdown of the system’s performance, particularly if you’re working with large MP4 video files. Deleting identical files can increase your device’s performance and speed.
  4.  Having multiple identical MP4 files can lead to confusion, especially when we are searching some specific videos.
  5. Backing up duplicate MP4 video files will increase the size of the backup therefore removing identical MP4 videos will decrease the cloud storage size.

Manual Method of How to Find and Delete Duplicate MP4 Files

The manual solution of scanning and removing identical MP4 files using your file explorer. Here is the following step-by-step guide:

  1. Launch  the File Explorer in Windows or Finder in Mac
  2.  Go through the folder or drive where your MP4 files are kept.
  3. To identify duplicate files, sort the files in the folder by name or size. 
  4. Look through the list of MP4 files and recognize identical or similar names, sizes, and timestamps.
  5. If you are not sure whether the files are duplicates or not, you can watch their contents by opening the video in the media player and Comparing both the MP4 videos.
  6. If you identified duplicate MP4 files then select which you want to delete.
  7.  Right-click on the files dialogue box will open then press the delete option to delete the duplicate MP4 files or you can directly delete from the keyboard delete button. 
  8. Repeat the steps until all the duplicate MP4 files are deleted.

Expert Solution for How to Find and Delete Duplicate MP4 Files

If you use a manual solution there are many limitations with it. So you can use the expert solution i.e. SysTools Duplicates Finder to restore your storage and increase work performance. Using this tool you can find and delete duplicate MP4 files.

Following are the steps for detecting and Removing the Duplicate MP4 files

  1. Open the tool on your system.
  2. Use the Add Folder option to see the MP4 files on your device.
  3. Using the advanced filter set the radio button according to your need. 
  4. You can delete duplicate MP4 files by pressing the delete button and then clicking ok.


This article covers how to find and delete duplicate MP4 files as well as reasons to delete duplicate MP4 files. It helps us to increase the storage capacity and improve the speed of the system. however, the manual method may be successful, it is time-consuming and may not be able to find all the duplicate files. To overcome these limitations, consider using expert solutions for a more efficient approach.  Duplicate files are simple to locate and remove with the help of the advanced filter.

Commonly  Asked Questions

  1. Is there any risk of Manual deleting of duplicate MP4 files?

Yes, the manual solution of removing identical MP4 files is risky because there is a risk of accidental deleting of important files.

2. Is there an effect of duplicate MP4 files on my computer?

Yes, if you have too many duplicate MP4 files can decrease your computer speed, especially if they are large duplicate videos in size.

3. How the Storage will be increased by deleting duplicate MP4 files?

Yes, deleting duplicate MP4 files will increase the storage size of your device.

4. How to Find and Delete Duplicate MP4 Files?

You can find and delete duplicate MP4 files by using manual and automated solutions.